header9 The Monthly Mixtape: A Daily Soundtrack for March 2010

“I know way too many people here right now that I didn’t know last year
who the f-ck are y’all
I swear it feels like the last few nights we’ve been everywhere and back
but I just can’t remember it all
what am I doing, what am I doing
oh yeah that’s right, I’m doing me, I’m doing me
I’m living life right now man
and this what I’m do til it’s over
til it’s over, but it’s far from over.”

-Over by Drake

What is your lifestyle or life with style? We all live our lives, but do we all do it with style? Do you work to live or do you live to work? I know it sounds pedestrian, but I believe it is essential. Do you eat or do you dine? Do you wear your clothes or do they wear you? Can you fully embrace where you are or do you spend the entire time wishing you were somewhere else?  Are you speaking to the person you are with or are you speaking with your Blackberry? What is your point of view? Do you have one?

In everything that you do there should be a piece of you and your perspective. Don’t eat, drink, fuck, travel, laugh or anything because you think you should. You are an individual. What are you conforming to – nothing but imaginary guidelines. It is funny that we think people are weird if they don’t act like everyone else, but only until we make them into the Lady Gagas, La Rouxs, and the Kid Cudis. I am thinking there is a new breed of American Psycho. No more conforming, just breaking out and doing whatever it is that makes you happy. It took 30 years for me, how long will it take for you? When I am slaying my prey, I will be doing it to my favorite songs, thank ya.

Evelyn Williams: You hate that job anyway. I don’t see why you don’t just quit.
Patrick Bateman: Because I want to fit in!
-American Psycho

9:00 AM: Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac
9:30 AM: Breakeven by The Script
11:00 AM: This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) by Talking Heads
12:00 PM: Chillin’ by Wale featuring Lady Gaga
12:30 PM: Cash in My Pocket by Wiley (featuring Daniel Merriweather)
1:30 PM: In for the Kill by La Roux
3:00 PM: Big Booty Hoes by Notorious BIG (featuring Too Short)
5:00 PM: All the Right Moves by One Republic
8:30 PM: Bulletproof by La Roux
9:00 PM: She Came Along by Sharam (featuring Kid Cudi)
11:00 PM: Hole in My Heart by Alphabeat
1:00 AM: Over by Drake
2:00 AM: New York State of Mind by Billy Joel


See you next time at Cocktail Hour, where more often than not one drink turns into ten and no one knows where and when the night will end.

 The Monthly Mixtape: A Daily Soundtrack for March 2010

 The Monthly Mixtape: A Daily Soundtrack for March 2010

 The Monthly Mixtape: A Daily Soundtrack for March 2010